Self Service Criocabin Encore Display Cases

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Redefining the self-service display case


Redefining standards…

Grab & go: The Self Service Encore display case combines high visibility and incredible loading capacity.

Available in versions with multiple shelves with glass doors and an exhibition area of 2.6 m² on just 0.85 m² of surface.

Ecological and energy-efficient, our display case is also available with R290 or remote unit.

Points of excellence


Specially designed shelves that maximize capacity while minimizing the visual footprint of the display case from the customer's perspective.


Comes with LED lighting 4000K with additional option for lighting on each shelf.

SHOW version

The version with completely transparent doors 'Total Vision' for almost invisible facade.


Remote monitoring capability with the Nucleus application for each of your showcases.

Save Space


The best performance in the smallest dimensions.

Encore display cases are designed to offer the maximum usable space for your products, occupying smaller dimensions compared to other display cases on the market.

Occupying only 0.85 m2, they can offer 2.6 m2 of refrigerated product display area.




The Encore display case is the refrigerated Self-Service chamber designed exclusively for the best possible display of the products it houses inside. Its large yet discreet surfaces offer more available space, making them more practical for the Grab & Go nature of modern retail stores.



Hidden Depths and Spaces

Even with a very low front profile (from 27 cm for the Show version to 32 cm for the other models in the series), it is possible to conceal all the hydraulic and cooling installation under the “basin” of the showcase, thanks to the void of 15 cm between the bottom and the ground where it will be placed.

Energy Saving


High Energy Efficiency

The Encore Self-Service showcase stands out for its low energy consumption. In the EU700C SHOW L 1875 version, the energy requirement per meter of showcase is only 792 W.

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