Ice Cream Freezers

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Ice Cream Freezers – Ice Cream Display Cabinets
Static and Rapid Cooling


The ice cream freezers from Sofkos-Inoxcon are either of Greek manufacture or imported. All our freezers are top-quality and reliable machines, capable of withstanding the climate and weather conditions of Greece during the summer (high temperature – high humidity) in both mainland areas and islands/beaches. Our ice cream freezers are divided into rapid cooling and static cooling types.

In rapid cooling freezers, cooling is done with air, resulting in smoother preservation of the product, keeping it fresher and lighter. In static cooling freezers, the product hardens more quickly, the cooling is more ‘violent’, and it is done with elements.

We offer a wide range of refrigerators – ice cream display cabinets capable of meeting the needs of any store – from a small snack bar to a large gelateria with modern or classic designs. Our ice cream freezers range from 4 to 24 positions (rapid cooling cabinet).