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Sofkos-Inoxcon works closely with AKRITAS which currently has one of the most modern wood products processing units with high-end technological equipment. Our company responds immediately and responsibly to the needs of our clientele.


It is a series of melamines that includes basic coloring in monochromatic shades and wood imitation designs, which are the everyday raw material for interior decoration applications and furniture making.




It is a series of melamine in collaboration with a house abroad, whose relief follows the waters of the wood surface. The characteristic of this series is the exclusive texture of the authentic look and feel of real wood. It is an ideal solution for unlimited applications in almost all areas of modern decoration.


This is a melamine series of excellent quality melamine sheets and continuous renewal, in order to follow the latest trends in modern design. This category includes the melamine surfaces with the name AIOLOS with a strong embossed wave in imitation of wood as well as in a monochrome shade with horizontal and vertical surface created especially for AKRITAS in collaboration with a foreign company.

Πόροι – Υφή

Texture can bring a surface to life and plays an extremely important role in creating exciting interiors. Texture can bring a different feel to your environment, enhance a monochromatic surface and add another dimension to a design, making lasting impressions.
With this in mind, AKRITAS presents you with 12 amazing textures:

Melamine codes


Photographs may not be able to accurately reflect the color depiction of the products.