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AkzoNobel – Inerpon 


AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, a member of the AkzoNobel Group, is the world’s largest producer of powder coatings and a global leader in powder coating technology. They supply industry and consumers worldwide with innovative products under the Interpon and Resicoat brand names, passionately serving the development of sustainable solutions for all their customers.

AkzoNobel – Interpon


Structura D2525


AkzoNobel Paint Powders also releases in Greece the collection of architectural powder paints Structura Interpon D2525. The collection includes 32 RAL shades produced in super durable Interpon D2525 technology.
These are the most popular RAL in architectural metal structures and are presented in four sections: natural and dense tones such as olive green, umbra gray and graphite, light and pastel tones such as oyster white, light ivory and distant blue, intense and clear tones such as purple red , anthracite grey, quartz grey, deep and dark tones such as black grey, sapphire blue, nut brown, slate grey, etc.
The texture of the Structura paints is fine sabre, with a sablé effect, and their gloss is matt. They are certified according to European Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master standards and meet AAMA 2604 (USA) 5-year Florida specifications.
Based on the well-known super-resistant Interpon D2525 technology, with proven excellent performance against aggressive weather conditions and solar radiation, RAL Structura are the most appropriate choice of color on metal surfaces for projects where the shade is prescribed by the international RAL coding system. After a series of measurements on real buildings around the world, it has been found that RAL Structura paints retain their original shade and gloss unchanged for a much longer period of time than conventional RAL paints. The use of the ultra-durable RAL Structura, as well as all Interpon D2525 powder colours, contributes to the sustainable nature of any architectural construction. Thanks to the stability of the shade over time, the lifetime of any painted metal surface is greatly increased without the need for repainting or replacement.

We have made every effort to display the colors and effects on the screen as faithfully as possible to the characteristics of our products that you will use. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match of the digital representation of the shades and effects of our powders with the real ones. The display of hues, grain, metallic effects and texture are limited by digital technology and vary among different screen and printer types.

This website is designed to help you learn about our products, but it is essential that you sample and test the product before your purchase. For the application of our products, please refer to their Technical Data Sheets and our staff.

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AkzoNobel – Interpon


Brilliance D2000


The new generation of Brilliance metallic powders has been launched by Akzo Nobel, the world’s leading manufacturer of electrostatic powders. The new Brilliance collection includes the 6 popular metallic shades of the previous Brilliance D1036 Series now offered in ultra-durable D2525 quality. In addition, 5 new, innovative, metallic shades with an intensely shiny metallic effect were added.
All 11 shades of Collection Brilliance D2000 are ultra-durable (5 years Florida Test). They are Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master Certified, while meeting AAMA 2604 specifications. Brilliance has been developed and certified for painting architectural metal structures. It is the natural continuation of the successful Brilliance D1036 collection which was launched in 2010 and had a great impact on architects all over the world. Brilliance D1036 colors were specified in major benchmark projects such as Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London and Guangzhou Taikoo Plaza in China. Brilliance shades can also upgrade other metal surfaces, such as metal garden and home furniture, shop fittings, and lighting fixtures.

In the past, in projects where a strong metallic look was required, architects were forced to resort to liquid paint. In this case, two or more layers of paint are required, while the burden on the environment with the use of solvents and the release of VOCs is significant.

The Brilliance Interpon D2000 collection, with a patented formulation for durability of the metallic effect even in intense humidity conditions, is the ‘green’ alternative proposal: ecological powder paint, one coat, super durable, with a strong, bright metallic effect that remains unchanged for many years .

AkzoNobel – Interpon


Futura 2018-2021


The 2014-2017 Futura Collection includes our Interpon D2525 Series ultra-durable paints for exterior use on architectural metal elements. The new collection of Futura 2018-2021 ultra-resistant powders from AkzoNobel Interpon Powder Coatings is a new source of inspiration for architects, designers and all creators in the construction industry. Updated with new trends in materials and design, the collection – which is renewed every four years – includes an extensive range of high, proven durability ecological colors and finishes, which were developed in collaboration with the office of trend experts PeclersParis. It consists of powders integrated into four modern aesthetic trends identified by the experts for the four years 2018-2021: GlamCity, TimeOut, TreasuredLight and WildNature.

“Our deep knowledge and expertise in color combined with the continuous development of our know-how for ultra-durable and eco-friendly paint powders are key to the creation of our Futura collection,” explains Jean-Paul Moonen, AkzoNobel Global Segment Manager for Architecture Buy. Each theme in the collection features a unique group of hues, textures and effects that reflect design and social trends seen worldwide. Pioneering is evident with the introduction of new technologies: Silky Texture & Cotton powders. The Wild Nature themed section evokes more primitive, raw natural materials and is rich in dense earthy browns, earthy khakis, grays and dark charcoals.

The popular shades Gris 2900 Sablé, Brun 2650 Sablé, Blue 2600 Sablé, Mars, Manganese etc. they accompany the new ones: Tanami Sablé, Bohol, Innoko Sablé, Sequoia Sablé, Tijuka Sablé, in the same trend.