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Innovation and quality in industrial paints for over 45 years


At NEOKEM, since 1972, they have been designing innovative solutions for electrostatic paint powders and high-tech industrial paints. With their colors and the service system they offer, they add value to their clients’ work, consistently developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

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Why We Choose Powder Colors


Consistency in high quality
For more than 30 years, all paint powders have been produced in a modern and large factory unit, ensuring consistency in high quality.
They are unique electrostatic paint colors, based on research, innovation and expertise, using the most advanced production technology.
Aesthetic and highly durable
Through continuous research, development and collaboration with important market professionals, we have created powder colors that combine an aesthetically perfect result with high durability. Our colors protect, upgrade aesthetics and add value to construction.
All products are designed to provide optimal performance in applications.

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RAL Metallic Collection

RAL Metallic Collection The RAL Metallic collection includes 22 beautiful metallic shades and consists of the Pearl Effect and Gray Metallic series. The colors of the collection are based on high quality architectural polyesters and are certified according to Qualicoat, Class1 and GSB Standard quality standards. For the production of the colors of the collection, Neobond technology has been used, which offers high-performance bonding, which ensures an impeccable aesthetic result and economy during application. The collection is designed for demanding Architectural and Industrial applications.

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RAL Matt Polyester Collection

The RAL Matt Polyester collection meets the market's desire for popular RAL shades on a smooth matte surface. Matt powder paints combine high aesthetics with very good mechanical properties. At the same time, the 44 shades cover a wide color spectrum and respond to the modern trends of architectural and industrial applications. The collection is based on high quality architectural polyesters and is certified according to Qualicoat Class1 and GSB Standard quality standards.

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Ammos Collection

Super durable RAL powder colors The new collection of ultra-resistant powder paints in RAL shades, with a sandblasted surface texture, combines excellent behavior in outdoor conditions with high mechanical strength and impeccable appearance. The particularly high intensity of solar radiation that prevails in our country and the increased resistance requirements that it entails, led us to design the new collection, which responds to the needs and preferences of modern architecture. The colors in the collection are at least three times more durable than RAL smooth gloss and matt and are certified according to the Qualicoat, Class2 standard. Color chart

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Industrial Design

Shades of powder colors on a polyester base, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The collection combines timelessness with modern trends in industrial design. The shades of the collection aim to highlight the industrial aesthetics, the resistance to chemical and mechanical stress and the differentiation of the final product.

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Prisma Collection

Sahara and Mesogeios super durable special effects powder colors. The collection of special Prisma powder colors is the most authoritative and innovative solution for painting aluminum systems in modern architectural applications. Unique electrostatic paint colors, specially designed to meet the increased demands for innovation and aesthetic result of high standards. The Sahara and Mesogeios series are certified according to the Qualicoat, Class 2 standard. The Cosmos series is certified according to the Qualicoat standard, Class1. The colors of the Prisma collection provide high mechanical strength and excellent behavior in external conditions.

We have made every effort to display the colors and effects on the screen as faithfully as possible to the characteristics of our products that you will use. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match of the digital representation of the shades and effects of our powders with the real ones. The display of tints, grain, metallic effects and texture are limited by digital technology and vary among different screen and printer types.

This website is designed to help you learn about our products, but it is essential that you sample and test the product before your purchase. For the application of our products, please refer to their Technical Data Sheets and our staff.

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