Stainless Steel Hooks

Stainless steel meat storage hooks for refrigerated meat chambers in butcher shops and stainless steel display hooks.

Stainless steel hooks for heavy-duty refrigeration chambers made of solid AISI304 stainless steel with special welding treatment for maximum protection against moisture and acidic environments. They come with rounded or pointed edges and base supports made of strips or hollow profiles of various dimensions depending on the situation. The support can be independent or attached to existing columns, and there is an option for fixed or detachable hooks in single, double, or even triple rows. They are exclusively manufactured according to the needs of each specific application and comply with all hygiene regulations. There is an option for customizable assembly with complete accessories for installation by the end-user.

Stainless steel display hooks for modern butcher shops where appearance and cleanliness are crucial factors for attracting customers. At Sofkos-Inoxcon, we manufacture stainless steel hooks according to your designs, focusing on quality, appearance, and functionality.

Specifically, in our industrial space, we manufacture:

-Pointed / rounded stainless steel hooks

-Stainless steel hooks with hollow profile / blade base supports

-Fixed / detachable stainless steel hooks

-Stainless steel display hooks / refrigeration chamber hooks

-Stainless steel wall / ceiling hooks

-Matte / satin / mirror finish stainless steel from AISI 304 steel

-Diameter / length according to load calculation

-Stainless steel aluminum rail hooks

-Stainless steel pipe rail hooks

-Stainless steel pig hooks

-“S” type stainless steel hooks

-Stainless steel hooks

-Bleeding hooks

-Pig hooks with blades

-Hooks with a roller

-Hooks with a roller and chain

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