Wave Fish Tavern – Platamonas Pieria

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    PLATAMONAS PIERIA, P.O. 60065 TEL. (+30) 23520 41240 – 30 FAX: (+30) 23520 42597 E-mail: hkymata@otenet.gr


Hotel – Fish Tavern

The hotel KYMATA is located in the village of Platamonas in the lush landscape of the Olympic Riviera, a historic area with various tourist attractions, including the famous Castle of Platamonas, a real magnet for Greek and international travelers.
Right below the hill of the Castle and right on its beautiful beach, our hotel has been offering hospitality for decades, with modern facilities, many services and amenities, as well as the opportunity to be in an environment that uniquely combines the magnificent beauty of Mount Olympus and the enchanting view of the Aegean Sea.