Acrylic surfaces

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Hanwha Acrylic Surfaces


Hanex Solid Surfaces


Hanwha Europe GmbH has been building its reputation since 1952 as
a leading group in development and distribution
innovative building materials.

Hanex surfaces are acrylic surfaces of solid, non-porous material that have unlimited possibilities of use and design to create structures of high aesthetics, whether they are intended for domestic applications, such as a kitchen counter, or intended for commercial applications in a hotel,
retail store, doctor’s office, etc.

Available in over 100
colors – textures that are constantly renewed
according to market trends and demand

Hanwha Acrylic Surfaces


Hanex surfaces offer high standards that compete well with any other acrylic surface on the market, while at the same time being significantly more economical.

They are characterized by the high quality of raw materials
manufacturing, compliance with all international standards, while they are available in over 100 colors – textures that are constantly updated according to market trends and demand.